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Ship Tour

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 11:49am by Captain Steven Bond & Lieutenant Commander T'Sal
Edited on on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 11:54am

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Various
Timeline: MD001 1300 hrs
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"Thank you for taking the time to join me on a mini tour." Steven said, as they started to leave the mess hall, and walk down to the turbolift. He was eager to learn more about his first officer.

“It will afford us the opportunity to share our concerns for the ship,” T’Sal replied. “As well as learn more about each other.”

"Both are valid points, but I have to ask you, are you okay with doing a five year mission. It's a lot to ask of anyone." Steven asked, as he looked to T'Sal as they continued to walk.

“It is quite suitable,” T’Sal replied. “I required a long service commitment and the Lexington fit my criteria.” She had wanted a new start.

"I'm glad to hear it. I think we will get a long just nicely." Steven said, with a big grin on his face. He truly believe that. He had a good feeling, that they would get a long. She was not like most vulcans, he had met. He approved of her.

“I concur,” T’Sal said quietly. “We seem to think alike.” It was important for them to be together as a team.

"Agreed." Steven said, as the walked into the one of the science labs. "They appear to be fully stocked and ready to go." Steven said, as he walked over to the tables in the room. And looked around.

“The person they assigned was quite studious in ascertaining that the department be fully functional when we arrived.” T’Sal agreed.

"I think they are in a big hurry to get us out of dock, a lot of the fleet is still in dire needs of repair. We have more ships than docks at the moment." Steven pointed out. He remembered when he flew in on the Montana, they could see a lot of the ships in their battle damaged state still.

“I checked the manifest,” T’Sal informed him. “Our crew should be on board at an impressive pace.”

"If Admiral Ford has any say, they will be on by tonight." Steven suggested with a big grin on his face.

“He is well respected,” T’Sal commented. “The Admiral has a reputation of getting things accomplished quickly.”

"That he does, and I am grateful. I am eager to get this five year mission under way, I hope the crew is just as eager." Steven said to T'Sal.

“I have observed a excited and happy crew,” T’Sal informed him. “They are well qualified and committed.”

"I hope the new chef you can find us, is just as excited." Steven pointed out to T'Sal.

“This will sound illogical from a Vulcan,” T’Sal said with a slight smile. Something that was very rare. “We need a passionate Chef.”

"I am surprised by that. Care to elaborate?" Steven asked, curious to learn more about that.

“After studying the science of cooking,” T’Sal said. “I have ascertained that food is the most suitable when the cook has a passion for preparing it. There needs to be emotion in cooking.”

"Why is that?" What's wrong with Vulcan that practices logic, to be the chef on this ship?" Steven asked T'Sal.

“A Vulcan would do an excellent food preparation but it would be the same with no deviation,” T’Sal explained. “By the recipe without any deviation. A chef with passion would add a unique change to it.”

"Can a Vulcan meet your emotional requirements to be chef?" Steven asked. He wondered, if it was possible.

T’Sal thought for a moment. “No.” She answered simply. “The Chef I require is not Vulcan.”

"Require huh, now you got me curious. How about this, I will let you find our chef?" Steven suggestively asked her.

“I accept,” T’Sal replied immediately. “You will not be disappointed.”

"Good, one less thing on my plate to handle." Steven said, realizing what he said, may not make sense to a Vulcan, it was a human slang term.

T’Sal looked at him for a moment. “I do not understand how a plate can handle something, Captain.” It was not logical.

"It's a figure of speech, meaning one less thing for me to worry about, to fill the position. I am grateful Number One that you are willing to find us a Chef." Steven said, with a humbling smile on his face.

“It is logically for myself as well,” T’Sal replied. “It is suitable to have a chef who can cook food to my specifications as well.”

"I leave it in your capable hands to find a Chef that cooks with Emotion, then." Steven said, with a big grin on his face.

“I will succeed,” T’Sal said with conviction. She had one in mind.

"Do you want to go in this room?" Steven asked, noticing it was one of the science labs. He felt a little silly just standing outside of the lab. However, with that said. He wanted to make sure that T'Sal was okay with the idea as well.

“Yes,” T’Sal nodded, heading into the lab she looked around. “It is quite suitable, Captain.”

"Everything is so new, and prestine. I hope it stays this way." Steven suggested to T'Sal. The room was very sterile and prestine looking.

“It would be ideal,” T’Sal nodded. “We should always be at our best and appearance is everything.” She looked at the captain. “Did I say that human expression correctly?”

"Close enough." Steven said, with a smile, then reached out to shake her hand, to seal the deal. "We have a deal." He pointed out to her.

T’Sal returned the shake. She found Captain Bond to be acceptable for her superior. Now. She would have to complete her mission of a chef.

The scene starts to fade away. Steven looked to T'Sal. "Come on, we have more ship to see." Steven said, as they talked for a bit longer and continued the tour.

T’Sal walked along, pointing out observations to the captain.

A joint post by;

Captain Stephen Bond
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander T’Sal
First Officer


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