USS Lexington

The Sim

Episode Pilot: How does a society pick itself back up after a devastating battle against the Klingon Empire? The ideals, and the dreams of the Federation, is all that the Federation has left. And they almost lost that, during the last days of the war.

The Lexington is being rushed into service, to get out on the front lines, and re establish our diplomatic relationships with the corps worlds of the Federation. Beyond establishing those relationships, most of the corps worlds were attacked. Some of the damage is expected to be in the measurable by our current standards.

The crew of the USS Lexington set course for Star System Kora on the sixth planet. Captain Bond and his crew, must help the Koran's accept the Federation's aid, now that the war is over. A lot of Koran's are upset, that the Federation did not come to their aid, during the war. They had no idea, how badly the Federation was beaten back.

Captain Steven Bond
Commanding Officer
USS Lexington

Lieutenant Commander T'Sai
Executive Officer
USS Lexington