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Created by Captain Steven Bond on Sun Jan 2nd, 2022 @ 8:50am

Welcome to the USS Lexington's Missions.

Welcome to 2257 the USS Lexington is brand new and coming off the assembly line. The Lexington is part of the second wave of constitution class starships that were developed to help fight the war against the Klingon Empire. Sadly the ship was not ready for the time of war.

Her mission directive changed from helping aid in the war, to helping aid in the rebuild and recovery of the Federation. The costly war against the Empire, has left the Federation in a state of crisis.

The Lexington and her companion constitution class starships, represent a new hope for restored peace among the galaxy. The galaxy is on edge, as the Klingon Empire and the Federation begin a campaign of cold war antics between both nations.

There mandate is to prove to the galaxy, especially the Klingons that they have the ability to defend themselves, and help re establish the neutrality of the Federation Corps Worlds. Join Captain Bond, and his crew as they go to the Border of the Federation, and rebuild the bonds of friendships, with all the worlds that the Klingon's invaded or destroyed.

The USS Lexington is an independent sim that participates in the Kriss Universe. We adapt main trek, novels and video games into our canon lore for this sim.

The Series: Season One Short Treks: Season One

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