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Lieutenant Commander T'Sal

Name T'Sal

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7
Weight 135
Eye Color brown
Physical Description T’Sai is tall in human standards for a woman but average for a vulcan. She has short hair and no tattoos.


Spouse Jann (deceased)
Children none
Father Stollak
Mother Ambassador Vis
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview T’Sai maintains herself in a standard as to not embarrass her Vulcan Heritage. She is serious and logical in most things. She keeps her emotions well hidden as to not be seen by others. She is a vegetarian, does not drink alcohol unless at special functions. Does not eat chocolate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Strength. Decision making in a crisis by using best case scenario without letting emotions make the decision


Can be hard headed when others make mistakes.
Low tolerance for emotions.

Ambitions To be respected and have her own ship one day.

Hobbies & Interests Reading, chess, meditation, interest in board games but has not played them

Personal History T’Sai was born to Stollak, a member of the V’shar and Ambassador VIs in 2210. She spent her childhood on Vulcan. She was raised in all ways Vulcan, completing Kahs-wan, a rite of passage where Vulcan children are left in the dessert to fend for themselves. She learned the gravity of death when her close friend did not survive. Not long after that she was bonded with Jann, a vulcan male child. They would be married when they were older and have children.

T’sai trained to follow her father into Vulcan security in 2218, attending security training on Vulcan until 2224. She trained hard and became a part of V’shar, serving as security for High Command, eventually becoming one of their top officers. She served there for fifteen years. T’sai had put off marrying Jann until her career had been settled. They married in 2239. T’sai resigned her commission with V’shar to stay home and raise their children. After five years of trying to have a child, Jann was discouraged and signed onto a Vulcan Science Vessel and left as divorce was not something either of them wanted, but they knew they could not go on this way.

It was expected that T’Sai would return to V’shar but instead she signed up and attended Starfleet Academy and entered the security program in 2244. T’Sai was unhappy with Jann’s departure, leaving an emptiness she couldn’t explain. She no longer wanted to be on Vulcan but wanted to start a new chapter in her life.

T’Sai attended Starfleet Academy from 2244 until 2248. She found other species, especially humans to be interesting but was grateful for her strict Vulcan upbringing. They put too much importance on dating, love and romance and not enough on their studies. She worked hard while there and graduated in the top portion of her class.

T’Sai signed on to the USS Saginaw 2248. She was diligent at her duties but felt frustration at the others abilities to leave emotion behind when in a crisis. She was a diligent, hardworking officer whose seriousness and abilities awarded her a promotion to assistant security chief.

In 2250 T’Sai was transferred to the USS Traverse where T’Sai struggled with learning to understand the emotional side of some of the crew. She kept her thoughts inside but thought that they would serve much better if they used logic and the rules set up by Starfleet to move forward. There was also too much romance on board the ship for her liking but she preserved over her personal feelings and stayed there until her promotion to Security Chief.

In 2252 T’Sai was transferred on board the USS Washington, she discovered that her husband, Jann was serving there also. T’Sai worked hard as Security Chief and to renew her marriage with Jann. They decided to give things another chance and moved in together once more. They had finally accepted, after it was discovered Jann would never father a child, that they would have no children but they loved each other and would make their marriage work.

In 2254, Jann took an assignment on another ship. He had a chance at advancement and T’Sai would not hold him back. She accepted a transfer to the USS Jamestown as Security Chief and Second Officer. T’Sai found the position rewarding, though she felt the loss of being with Jann.

In late 2256, T’Sai got the news that Jann had been killed in a battle with the Klingons. The ship he was on had been destroyed with everyone on board dying. Privately, T’Sai mourned the loss of her husband but stayed strong while on duty.

In 2257 T’Sai was promoted to first officer and transferred to the USS Lexington where she is currently serving as security chief and first officer.