USS Lexington

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Excitement in the air

Posted on Tue Sep 28th, 2021 @ 10:28pm by Paul Cooper
Edited on on Tue Sep 28th, 2021 @ 10:28pm

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD001 0730 hrs
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Paul could sense the eagerness coming from the crew. Most of them were coming and going. He was a little surprised, that they were not sitting down and enjoying the moment. It was clear to him, that they were eager to get to the bridge, and watch the Lexington leave space dock.

The crew were coming and going the mess hall in record timing. At first it was a bit much for Paul to take in, but he had anticipated this response from the crew. So he had made sure that the food was ready to go at 0630 hours. So far, somehow he was able to keep up with the demand. It was not an easy task.

Paul felt a little lonely, but he understood that reason for their excitement. Typically there would be crew members, that would want to talk to the chef. But not today. They were eager to get to their duty stations and watch the ship prepare for her maiden voyage.

The time did allow him to think about his encounter he had with the first officer. He thought they had a moment, but he was not sure. He hoped that he had made a good impression on her.

Having the Captain and the First Officer on your side, would make his job a lot easier on the Lexington.

Paul had really enjoyed his conversation he had with her. She honestly seemed to listen to him. He was suspecting to get some snotty Vulcan like attitude from her. In his experience, a lot of Vulcans ego maniacs that thought they were better than everyone else.

He was glad to see that T'Sal was not like that. She was actually approachable. Which was awesome. Paul was really taken by how well she handled herself, if he did not know better. He thought, maybe he was attracted to her. More than just physically.

Which surprised him, he never thought he would be attracted to a Vulcan. He was not xenophobic, he just never thought because of their personalities, that he would be attracted to one.

Yet here he was, attracted to one. He was still confused, if he was. But deep in his thoughts, his mind was telling him that he was. This was very confusing to him.

He knew, he better talk to someone about this. Help process how he feel's. But who to talk to he wondered. The Captain? He thought about it, but the Captain had enough on his plate, trying to get the ship out of space dock.

A counselor, well the ship was not scheduled to have one. In a sense, he would be the counselor for the crew. He could not really talk to T'Sal about how he felt, could he? He was not sure. Maybe, he could call his parents, or a friend and ask them. That might be his best course of action he thought.

He wanted to tell his father, but he was not sure how his father or mother would react, if he told them that he might be attracted to a Vulcan. He was not sure how they would respond.

If there was any possibility of a relationship, he would have to tell them, and hope they would be supportive. The scene starts to fade away. For the moment, Paul would make sure the crew was fed, so they can watch the departure of the ship.


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