USS Lexington

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Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 11:29am by Lieutenant JG Thoni ch'Vrosia
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Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Earth
Timeline: MD001 0800 hrs
389 words - 0.8 OF Standard Post Measure

It was graduation day at Starfleet OCS. And The sun shone on the class of cadets who were lined up in formation. The light glinting off of their uniforms as if to signify the bright future that lies ahead of them. All that added to the pomp and circumstance which wad proper for the day

First there was an inspection. A mere formality at this point. Friends and family looked on as an Admiral went through each rank before taking her place at the podium that was set up. She began to address the cadets.

And once that was done, the "meat and potatoes" of the event began.

One by one cadets responded as the Admiral called their name. In which case they each responded in turn, approaching the podium and receiving their commissions.

Then came the fun part, reuniting with family and friends.

A group of newly commissioned officers started to approach the crowd. A caitian was first to speak.

"Dang Thoni, junior grade already. Whose butt did you kiss...sir." she laughed.

"Can the "sir" crap M'rerr." Toni said. Making me feel old. They laughed. Next a human named Bill chimed in "You know that means you buy the drinks later. Higher rank pays! Its tradition." He laughed

"Not on Andoria!" Thoni laughed back. "But who am I to argue with tradition." Thoni said

"That's right, sir." Bill said

"Oh you shut up too, Bill." Thoni said

"Aw look at him. giving orders already. He'll a captain someday." Thoni nodded. "And when I do I'll hook you up. All of you. Class of 2257 has got to stick together. Right guys?"

There was a chorus of agreement before the party went to their respective families

Thoni walked up to two Andorians and was slightly puzzled. He expected to see four. He shrugged as he walked up.

"Starfleet?" Thoni asked. "I thought you were committed to the Imperial guard."

"We were." They replied. "But out unit was folded in at the outbreak of war. So we were sent to the front lines. Many a time was our Ushaans tinted pink." they said with pride

'As was mine." Toni replied, with the same pride

The scene fades as the trio of Andorians walk off, catching up with each other as they went

Ltjg Thoni ch'Vosia
USS Lexington


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