USS Lexington

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Fit Captains

Posted on Sun Jan 2nd, 2022 @ 11:43am by Captain Steven Bond & Lieutenant Commander Aaron Marcus
Edited on on Sun Jan 2nd, 2022 @ 11:44am

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: MD002 1700 hrs
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Aaron had gotten the entire Senior Staff physicals done. Well everyone except for one. Why are Captain's so much like children when it comes to the doctor? Aaron thought. He grabbed his cane and left Heatherington to finish up the physicals on the rest of the crew. With a medical tricorder on his shoulder he hobbled his way to the Captain's quarters. The doctor got many a look from the other members of the crew. Some of them not understanding why he would choose to walk with a cane. Sighing heavily Aaron rang the door chime.

Steven was unwinding in his quarters. He had a little down time, before his wife Ella or his son Lucas came home. He was sitting on the sofa, listening to some classic 21st century music when he heard the door intercom. In the background, you could hear the soothing sounds of the Eagles playing their signature hit, 'Take it Easy'. Steven looked over to the door, and then called out. "Enter."

Aaron stepped in and with a slight irreverent tone spoke. "I do not normally make house calls. However, for the Captain I think an exception can be made. That is if he is going to come quietly and do his physical." He waved the tricorder at Steven.

"Doc, that blue tunic looks good on you." Steven suggested to him, trying to distract him from what he came here to do. Steven did not mind physicals, but he had a lot of paperwork to do. They were going to be gone for five years. And he knew that the doc needed to get his physical on file, prior to them leaving. But he was going to make it a little challenging.

"Indeed, those white uniforms were getting a bit tiring. Do you know how hard it is to wash blood out of uniforms..." Aaron began and then took the liberty to start scanning the Captain while he sat there. "...You know it is easier to cure the incurable than to get Commanding Officers to pay attention to their health. One wonders how we survive."

"You could have just replicated a new uniform." Steven said with a big grin. Aaron was a bit old school. "I think its a trait all good captains need." Steven said in a teasing voice. He loved picking on the good doctor. Mainly because the good doctor picked on him as well.

"You are a Captain, a trained individual, and for that you should be respected. However, you are not invincible none of you are. Those stripes don't make you live forever. You know what a bad Captain is?" Aaron asked a rhetorical question and did not wait for the answer. "...A dead one. Now take care of yourself. There aren't any medical issues that I should know about. Are there?"

"I have to look after my best medical needs and interest. And you are doing a remarkable job." Steven said, sounding a little patronizing. He truly meant it, but he did not want the good doctor to think he can just come into his home, insult and not get a little slack for it.

Aaron bowed mockingly. "Well I try... Now there are no issues that I should know about? Nothing that bothers you at the moment? Your past medical history does not show anything to be too worried about."

"I have a friend that tends to be a little cranky, and for some reason I keep inviting him to go with me. Especially into deep space." Steven said, with a big grin on his face. The scene starts to fade away with Aaron giving his examination, and some bantering going on between them.


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