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A little down time

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 5:33pm by Ensign April Collins & Ensign Hunter Mitchell
Edited on on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 5:37pm

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Recreation Hall
Timeline: MD002 1500 hrs
1350 words - 2.7 OF Standard Post Measure

"Surprise to see you here, I thought I was the only one that got off work early today." April said, with a big grin. She was sitting on the sofa, reading a book from her data pad. She happened to noticed Hunter entering the room.

“I got a break in my day as well.” Hunter said with a smile. “I was glad to get off.” His eyes met hers. “Do you mind if I join you?”

April thought that was a little aggressive, but she decided to allow it. She did like him. "Sure, I am just heading to the aboretum." She pointed out to him.

“I am not much of a loner.” Hunter confessed as they walked. “I’m not all that good at being the one to initiate friendships either but I am trying.”

"What?" April asked, not sure what he meant by the loaner comment. Was he trying to say he was one, or was not one? she was very confused by his comment.

“I am working on being more outgoing.” Hunter explained. “I like meeting people and getting to know them it’s the initial greeting I get hung up on.”

"Don't we all?" April asked, feeling the same way he did. There was several first encounters for her, that went terribly wrong in her past as well.

“We’ve already gotten past that so it should be smooth sailing now.” Hunter said with a smile.

"So you saying a smooth sailing, really?" April said, wondering what his next response was going to be.

“There will be ups and downs.” Hunter said with a smile. “I meant we got past the initial first meet is all.”

"Was it really that bad?" April asked, with a concerned look on her face. Did she do something wrong, she wondered?

“Not for me.” Hunter smiled. “It was like I had always known you. I wasn’t nervous almost immediately. You really put me at ease.”

"That is very sweet of you to say, that made my day." April said, with a grin. Thinking maybe she had over thought his previous comment.

“It’s the truth.” Hunter said, sincerity on his face. “I always worry I’m going to do something to embarrass myself. Our first date was very memorable.”

"Sometimes those make the best stories." April suggested to him, hoping that brought him some solace and comfort.

“It is true.” Hunter said with a grin. “Down the road it seems less embarrassing and more of a funny story to share.”

"I imagine we all have those type of stories to share." April said, with a warm grin on her face. She knew she did, but she was not sure if she was ready to share them with him.

“I will share mine with you one day.” Hunter said with a grin. “Some of them I’ve never told anyone because I was kind of a klutz when I was younger.”

"As will I." April said, with a big grin. She was curious to know what his was. But that would have to wait for another day.

Hunter smiled as he looked at her. “It is something to look forward to.” He found it refreshing that rhe though of sharing those stories with her didn’t bother him at all.

"Yes it is, but until then. What shall we do today to entertain us?" April asked, with a big cheesy grin on her face. She was gently hinting that they should spend some time together today.

“Let’s see if we can go onto the base.” Hunter suggested. “We aren’t leaving until the morning.”

"I like the way you think." April said, with a big grin on her face. They needed to get permission from the first officer.

“I’ll contact the XO and see what she says.” Hunter said with a smile. “Hopefully we will get a yes.”

"You will, I dunno." April said, with a teasing grin on her face. The XO can be pretty intimidating. "Are you sure you are up to the task?" Playfully asked April, with a big grin on her face.

“The worst thing that can happen is she tells me no.” Hunter said with a grin of his own. “Never hurts to ask.”

"You are right, you are a brave warrior." April said, patronizing him a little bit. She was giving him a hard time. She knew how intimidating the first officer could be.

“I am brave.” Hunter grinned. “There are more than a few crew that are intimidated by our first officer simply because she is Vulcan.”

"Is that why?" April asked, with a teasing grin on her face. She was not afraid of the first officer. She was a lady, who put on their pants, the same she they did.

“From what I have heard it is.” Hunter nodded. “When I had my meeting with her I thought she was straight forward and honest.”

"Of course she is, she is a Vulcan." April suggested, thinking that sounded a little racist of her. She did not mean too, but her choice of words, was poor in this case.

“I haven’t actually served with that many Vulcans.” Hunter confessed. “Do you really think they are all that way or do they come across the way is considered proper?”

"Proper term, is subjective. From our perspective maybe not. From their perspective, it is." April said to him, realizing that it was not much of an answer. But the best one, she could think to say to his question.

“I just wonder what they think in their heads.” Hunter said with a laugh. “Are they really all that logical.”

"Yes they are, have you seen their schools. They are nothing like our schools." April said, remembering a videos she saw of them. They horrified her. The idea of being stuck in a hole, with a computer voice teaching you was horrifying for her.

“It sounds a lot like brainwashing.” Hunter said. “But who am I to criticize another species. It seems to work for them.”

"I am not qualified to judge their society, neither are you." April kindly pointed out to Hunter, hoping he saw the error of his ways.

“I wasn’t meaning it that way.” Hunter said quickly. “I am just curious about them as a people is all.”

"I would hope so, isn't that why we all joined Starfleet. To be explorers, and learn about other cultures. And explore the stars?" April asked, with a big grin on her face.

“That is why I joined.” Hunter nodded. “I am curious and like to find out as much as I can about others and their way of life.”

"Seems like a good reason to join to me." April said, not really sure, where to take the conversation from here. So her snappy quick response, was the best she could do.

“Shall I check and see if I got an answer from the commander?” Hunter said to her with a smile. “I am feeling lucky.”

"Be my guest. As nice as the recreation hall is, I would love a stroll on the promenade." April said, with a big grin on her face.

Hunter checked his messages and looked at her after a moment. “So. Are you ready to go “ He said with a grin.

"I thought you were going to ask?" April asked, a little confused. Who was going to ask, she wondered.

“I sent the first officer a message.” Hunter explained. “She answered me back.” Should he have gone and asked in person he wondered.

"That's great. Don't keep me in suspense. What did she say?" April asked. She hated not knowing.

“She said we have to be back on the ship by twenty one hundred because we are leaving in the morning.” Hunter said with a grin. “That gives us plenty of time to explore.”

"It does indeed." April said, as the scene starts to fade away.

Hunter looked forward to their time together on the promenade. There was a lot there that he and April could do.


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