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Heart vs Brain

Posted on Mon Mar 29th, 2021 @ 2:14pm by Lieutenant JG April Collins
Edited on on Fri Apr 2nd, 2021 @ 9:25am

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Quarters of April Collins
Timeline: MD001 2245 hrs
1049 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

April had a good feeling about Hunter. She was not even looking for a relationship. When one just practically came fallen in on her. She was surprised. Her only goal, was to complete her five year mission, get promoted to Department head, then four years later, get a first officer role and by 12 years her own command.

She could not sleep, even though she knew deep down. That she should probably get some sleep. She knew in the morning that she was going to be tired. But he was worth it, she said to herself.

She hoped that Hunter was not going to get in the way of that plan. In her mind, she had it all worked out. She wondered if she had time for the distraction? She liked him, but she needed to think of her future. Was he worth changing her plans?

She was not sure, if he was. April knew he was a nice guy, and he had a smile that just melted her heart. She was not ready to tell him that, but she had a good feeling about him. She had a good dinner date with him, and the walk was very nice. So nice, that tomorrow she was already making plans to see him again.

She wondered, what her parents would think? Deep in her mind, she had no doubt that her father said, she was just latching on to the first guy, that smiled at her. Sadly she had to ask herself, was she doing that? Was she settling, or was there something special about him?

Deep down, she felt there was a connection between them. Could it be lust? Hard to tell, she never had a crush before. That was the best way, she could think of to describe how she felt.

She would be lying if she said, she was not attracted to him. He was very attractive. Beyond his looks, his personality was very sexy too. She loved his open and warn flirtatious side to him.

She also liked how easy it was to talk to him. She did not find herself stumbling on what to say next. Nothing today felt off or even odd. Everything seemed right, and her feelings of a crush, were starting to grow. She loved the feeling.

She walked into her room, and twirled and collapsed into her couch. Making a dramatic plop, that only she saw. She could not help, but smile as she thought of Hunter. She sat in her sofa, and looked out the portal window. Thinking about the walk, and the talk they had.

“Get it together Collins.” April said to herself, as she stared at her own reflection. Her brain was trying to reason with her. But that was going to be a hard task. Her heart and brain where not seeing eye to eye, on the topic of Hunter.

“He is just a man, a possible distraction.” April said, again as she looked at the woman in the reflection. Which happened to be her. Her brain new, that she did not need this type of distraction. They had a plan, a goal. Something to achieve, and he could potentially ruin it.

“You have a plan, and you need to follow it.” April demanded to herself. Then she gave herself a look, that basically said without saying. ‘Are you serious?’

“Don’t give me that look.” April again demanded. She was serious. She was playing devil’s advocate with herself. Which she founded hard to do. She was very stubborn.

“It’s only one day, how do you know if you will feel this way tomorrow?” April’s mind asked her heart? Her heart, was quick to respond. Her heart had a point, she had no idea. But if today was any indication. She believed that she would.

“I don’t know, its why I want a second date!” April demanded to herself. She wanted more than a second date, but she needed to take this in strides. Start with date two, then date three and so on.

“We have a plan.” April told herself. She was clearly in a battle of the heart versus her mind. She had no idea, which one was going to win.

“He will not distract us from that plan!” April told her mind. She was bound and determine, to have him and to have her career. Why couldn’t her mind see it as clearly as she could?

Her mind was not as understanding, as her heart was. “He already has.” Her mind quickly pointed out to her. The sudden interest in him, that came out of nowhere, made her mind take a step back, and say ‘whoa, lets think about this.’

“But I like him, I want to see where this goes.” April said, with a big pleading look on her face. Her intent was pure, and sincere. She liked him, and she was interested in him. But in her eyes, he was not going to distract her, from reaching her goals.

“In way, so do I.” Her brain said to her. April had a big smile on her face. “It’s not going to be easy, to stay the course.” The brain told her.

“Will make it work.” April said, as she finally came to term with the idea that her mind and brain where both on the same page. She was trying to convince both sides of her personality, to unite. They would make this work.

“Yes we will.” Her brain told her, as she started to smile in her own reflection. Somehow they were going to make this potential relationship and their plans for command to work. It would all work out in the end. She honestly believe that, and would what she could to make sure it did.

April was glad, that the meeting of her heart and brain, were resolved so quickly. She sat in her sofa, and continuing to stare out the window, now looking past her own reflection to see what else was in the window.

The scene starts to fade away, with her smiling staring off into the distance. In her thoughts, she was still thinking about Hunter. And wondering what type of date, they would have tomorrow night.


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