USS Lexington

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My First Captain's Log

Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 11:48am by Captain Steven Bond
Edited on on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 11:48am

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: CO Quarters
Timeline: MD001 2258 hrs
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Captain's Log: The First Day

Steven walked over to his chair. His desk, was average size in his quarters. The constitution class ship offered their senior command staff private offices that where attached to their quarters. This was good, but also a distraction he thought.

Steven was proud of the fact, that he was assigned to this class of vessel. "The constitution class starship, is a unique ship. This is the first time, I have had a private office. And I am not sure, if I like it being attached to my personal residence." Steven started to explain.

The idea of having two offices, was unusual for him. Why did he need two? Plus he was not sure, if he wanted random crew, coming to his door. Now granted this was his private office, but he still had a policy of having an open door to his crew. He knew that meant, that crew could come up to him. Even at his place of residence. In some situations.
Steven took a breath and then went on. "I have no doubt in time, it will grow on me." Steven suggested as he took a look around. His quarters. The room was coming along nicely.

Steven needed to give her a chance, she was nice. Pleasant to be around. And that bothered him. And the only reason it did, was due to the fact she was Vulcan. If she was human, he would not be having this concern with her.

"Speaking of things growing on me." Steven started to say, then paused for a moment to take in a big breathe before continuing on. He wanted to make sure he documented his concern.

"I am not sure how I feel about my new first officer, she seems to be more emotional, than I expected. Makes me wonder, what her angle is." Steven said to himself, as he was being honest with himself.

"What is her story?" Steven wondered, hoping in the next few weeks, to get better understanding what her story is, and if she will work out on the Lexington. Surely she had to have some sort of story, to explain why she is over friendly, and enjoyable to be around?

Did it have to do with her time, being around humans? Did she have troubles suppressing her emotions. Steven heard how bad emotional outbursts from Vulcan can be. He did not want a scene on the ship.
"I have also met our new chief control flight officer, and she seems to be a good officer, a little wild and young. But hey, who was not at her age. She has a promising future a head of her." Steven knew she was a good type of trouble, and would be a lot of fun on the bridge.

Steven knew he had more crew to meet. "I'm still working on meeting the others, but my parents stopping by earlier. Put a damper on that idea." Steven said, as he started to review his schedule for tomorrow, he debated if he needed a yeoman.

"I wish Mom's and Pop's would have told me, they were coming." Steven said, feeling guilty that he was slightly annoyed with them. For just showing up on his door step. He should have anticipated that move.

Steven loved his parents, he really did. He told himself, over and over again. "Yes, it was nice to see them. But there visit, was unexpected and we have a lot to complete before we can launch." He said, grateful to see them. But glad they were now gone. He had a lot of work todo, before they could launch.

Steven had a big grin, when he started to speak out loud his biggest goal to achieve this week. "And I want to launch this ship as soon as possible, and start the five year mission."

Steve felt bad for bringing this up, but it was on his mind, so felt it should be addressed. "Speaking of my first officer, she seems as eager as I am to get this mission started. makes me wonder, what her motivation is to get out their in deep space. If I did not know better, one could say she was almost emotional about it."

"She is more enjoyable to be around, than most Vulcans. So that is a good thing. But at the same time, it has me a little suspicious." He could not figure out why though. Why was his gut and brain working against him? What was wrong with having an a Vulcan first officer, that was enjoyable to be around.

"I'm not sure why an emotional vulcan, makes me nervous. That seems silly, but yet I am." Steven said, trying to tell himself. That he was concerned over nothing. She was a good officer, and came highly recommended, so why the concern.

Steven had no idea, why he was being so harsh and in his eyes judgmental of his new first officer. According to her file, she was dream. The perfect candidate. So why the concern he wondered. He could think of only one reason, for thinking like this, as he spoke out. "Could just be the long day getting to me. I think its best to sleep on how I am feeling. According to her service record, she will perform the duties."

Steven tried to re assure himself, but that was not easy to do. "So there is really no reason to be worried." He thought in his mind, over and over again. He could not help how felt, but it did bother him that he felt this way.

"It's starting to get late, I think I should end this." Steven said, feeling very fatigue, as he started to yawn. He knew he should probably call it a night.

Steven knew he was not being fair to his first officer, she was a capable officer, and had remarkable reviews. Especially when working with human crews. "Captain Bond, signing off."

"Computer end log." Steven said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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