USS Lexington

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Calm After the Storm

Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 3:00pm by Captain Steven Bond & Lieutenant Commander T'Sal
Edited on on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 3:03pm

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: CO Ready Room
Timeline: MD004 0700 hrs
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Steve was in his ready room going over crew approvals most of his senior staff was already selected. They just needed to board the Lexington. The ship was ready to begin it's five year mission.

Steven was equally ready to lead them on their five year mission. This was a golden opportunity for the crew of the Lexington. And for her Captain.

Steven wondered what mysteries they would fine in the great unknown. There mission in part to chart more of the Beta Quadrant. Currently alot of the Beta Quadrant was part of the great unknown. This quadrant was roughly estimated to be over 75,000 light years. It would take a long time to navigate this entire Quadrant.

Steven knew it would not be completed in his life time. He believed maybe's Lucas's children or grand children could see the entire beta quadrant explored.

Steven wondered what the galactic map would even look like in three generations or more. He was not sure, but he hoped it would be filled with allies of the Federation.

Steven had a data pad, he was reviewing the charts area he was going to explore. He wanted to launch probes in the area, to see what was out there. First though, he needed to launch the Lexington.

He wondered if T'Sal had a chance to review the target areas for the mission. The long range sensors of the area in question, did not show any tactical or technological concerns. However, that did not disclude the possibility of their being one.

The first set of coordinates were not to far away from Starbase K13. So if they needed any supplies or crew replacements, they would not be to far away. He was hoping they would not need any crew replacements. He wanted to be in deep space for the entirity of five years.

Steven was really looking forward to the idea, of spending five years in deep space with his family. He wanted to see what was out their in deep space. He knew of the potential dangers. But he wanted to believe that other races would have similiar interests to the Federation and not the Klingon Empire. He had a meeting with T'Sal set up for this morning at 0700 hours.

T’Sal headed to the captains office. She would arrive exactly on time. She believed in being punctual. She rang his door at exactly 0700 hours.

"Enter." Steven called out, as he looked to his clock. He thought to himself, punctual as ever. He appreciated that.

T’Sal walked in and headed over to her side of his desk. “Captain.” She greeted him in a monotone voice, waiting for him to speak.

"Have a seat, Number One." Steven called out in a calm and collected tone. Which was a surprise for him. He was a little tired, and a little cranky.

T’Sal took a seat and looked at the captain. He appeared a little off but she couldn’t quite ascertain what it was that made him seem to be. “Yes Captain.” She acknowledged hi .

"The Lexington is leaving port today, I know we told everyone a week. However we need to get out of here. I had a meeting with Admiral Tora last night. There are some that are trying to stop our mission. They are citing that we need this ship defending the boarders. We are explorers, and I am bound and determined to get out to the unknown and explore. See what is out there in deep space." Steven said to her, as his mind started to shift the idea of exploring the unknown. He was eager to see what was out there.

“I concur.” T’Sal replied. “I chose this assignment due to the nature of the ships mission is one of exploring.” She did not want to serve as border patrol. “I have spent time within the departments, we are ready to depart at your word.”

"I hope the crew does not mind leaving almost a week earlier. We are fully supplied, so we need to take advantage and launch sooner." Steven said, as he went on. "We can make it up to the crew later on." Steven suggested to his first officer, he was curious what she was going to say.

“From my observations.” T’Sal spoke in an even voice. “The crew is…” she thought for a moment. “I believe the word is ‘excited’ to head out and explore.”

“Lets hope that excitement carries them through for the next five years.” Steven said, with a big grin on his face. He hoped everything went without a hitch.

“It is my experience.” T’Sal replied seriously. “That human emotion fluctuates and be positive and negative depending on the state of mind.”

"In what state of mind, do you see our people in?" Steven asked his first officer. He was curious to learn there state of mind.

“At the moment they are well prepared and acceptable to meet our expectations.” T’Sal replied. “There has been an expression from one that he can’t wait to…” She paused for a moment. “Get the hell out of here and explore.”

"Are you feeling well?" Steven asked, seeing that first officer was not acting like a typical Vulcan. There was to much emotion in her words and her tone.

T’Sal looked at her Captain. “I was quoting one of the crew, attempting to use their emotion. Was it incorrect.”

"While I appreciate your effort, I think it would be easier, if you stuck with what you know. I don't think you want me attempting to sound Vulcan, do you?" Steven said, hoping that did not come across as rude.

“No.” T’Sal said without any emotion. It was logical that she was best at being her own species. “Understood, Captain.” She waited for him to continue.

"I really do appreciate your effort." Steven said, with a warm and humble smile on his face.

T’Sal looked at him for a moment. “I have ascertained it is more logical to study and learn than to imitate other species. I will find an acceptable way to learn.”

"I know you will, Number one." Steven said, with a big grin.

T’Sal stared at the captain. He appeared pleased at her response to him. “Nothing else would be acceptable.”

"I forgot to ask, do you have any loose ends on Vulcan or with your family that you need to square away before we depart?" Steven asked, realizing that he never asked her.

“No Captain.” T’Sal replied emotionlessly. “I am prepared for our departure.” She had resolved her farewells before she came. “Squared away?”

"A human term, it means are you ready to depart. All your affairs placed in order." Steven said to her, with a warm grin on his face.

“I see.” T’Sal replied. She had a lot to learn with so many different expressions by humanoids.

"if it helps, I am all squared away." Steven said to her, with a big grin on his face.

T’Sal stared at him for a moment and then spoke. “That is a joke.” She stated. “The intent is to make another feel happy. I find that suitable.”

"Glad to hear it. Shall we get this day started then?" Steven asked, as he looked to his first officer.

“Yes, Captain.” T’Sal replied without emotion. “I am ready.”

"Let's hope the crew is ready as well." Steven said to her. The Lexington was going to leave dock.

“I will collaborate with each department head to ensure they will be.” T’Sal returned.

"Thanks Number One, I knew I could count on you." Steven said, with a big grin on his face.

T’Sal looked at him in return. She never found the logic behind the term “number one”. In all actuality she was number two behind the captain. Still it was a human term and she wanted the crew to find her suitable. “I wills endeavor to accomplish what you assign, Captain.”

"I have the upmost faith that you will." Steven said, as he walked around the desk. "Come number one, lets get the Lexington out of dock." Steven said, as the scene starts to fade away.

T’Sal walked beside Captain Bond as she mentally calculated the order in which to check on each department.


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