USS Lexington

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Not your average chef

Posted on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 4:58pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Sal & Paul Cooper
Edited on on Thu Jul 29th, 2021 @ 4:59pm

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Transporter Room 1
Timeline: MD002 0810 hrs
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"I was hoping you would meet me here." Paul said, with a big grin on his face as he materialized onto the USS Lexington. "Chef Paul Cooper, your new Chef reporting for duty, and requesting permission to come aboard Commander." Paul said, with a big cheesy grin on his face.

“Permission granted.” T’Sal replied. “Welcome to the Lexington.” She used the expression she had heard in the past. “Your trip here was suitable.”

"Suitable is a good as any." Paul said, with a big grin on his face. For a Vulcan, she was pretty cute, he thought to himself.

“We will drop off your personal possessions to your quarters.” T’Sal informed him .”I will take you on a tour of the ships kitchen and dining area.”

"I would appreciate that, and thank you for the tour." Paul said, with a big grin on his face.

“You are welcome.” T’Sal thought she was doing well at these human phrases. “Let us go to your quarters.” She walked beside him to drop off his things. “What is your specialty?”

"Culinary specialist, but you call me Chef of Paul." He said, with a big grin on his face. It was very nice of her to ask.

“Will you be cooking different cultures of foods?” T’Sal enquired. She should have just asked him if he made Vulcan Cuisine.

"Yes, I believe every good chef, can not limit themselves to the culinary cuisines of their own home world." Paul said, thinking that would be very limiting to do to him.

“Are you familiar with dishes for Vulcans.” T’Sal replied. She really wanted some food from her home world. “Why would you say is your most satisfactory cuisine.”

"Not really a fair question. All of my dishes are satisfactory." Paul said, with a big cheesy grin on his face.

T’Sal stared at him for a moment and then realized it was a joke. She never quite understood the point of one. “You are being humorous.”

"I am, I hope you found it entertaining or at least tollerable?" Paul asked, with a big grin on his face. He assumed she would say tollerable.

“It was funny once I understood the humor.” T’Sal replied. “It is considered a good quality among humans.”

"Satisfactory to me, means is it edible. All my food is edible." Paul suggested to T'Sal.

“Edible.” T’Sal repeated the word. “I do not mean satisfactory in that fashion. I inquire to know if your experience in Vulcan cuisine is up to my expectations.”

"I have prepared meals for Vulcan's in the past, if that is what you are asking." Paul said, as he was trying to figure out her line of questioning.

“Did they find their meals to be sat…excellent?” T’Sal replied. “As good as what would be served on Vulcan.”

"They did not complain, if that's what you are asking." Paul said with a big grin. "If you are apprehensive, I could prepare a sample for you of my talents with Vulcan Cuisine." Paul suggested to T'Sal.

“I am not nervous.” T’Sal replied. “I…” she thought for a moment. “I believe the word is ‘wish’ to eat substance that tastes as if it were prepared back home.”

"I am sorry if you thought I meant you were nervous. I was trying to offer you a chance to sample my skill set in a quiet setting, and decide for yourself, thats all." Paul said, with a big grin on his face.

“I would find that satisfactory.” T’Sal replied. “I mean that I would be ‘happy’to do so.” She found the human language to be challenging.

"Happy to do so, that does not sound like a common thing a vulcan would say." Paul said, as he decided to tease her a little. He wanted to see her reaction to it.

“I am attempting to embrace some human phrases.” T’Sal explained. “It seems suitable with my position.”

"Very noble of you." Paul said, with a warm smile on his face. It was very sweet of the first officer, to try to learn and adapt to be around humans. She could have chosen an all vulcan crew starship. However she choose to serve with them.

“I chose to accept this position over others.” T’Sal informed him. “I decided that I need to be a first officer that all the crew can speak with.”

"Why a ship full of humans, if I may ask?" Paul asked, he was a civilian so he knew he could ask some of the questions, that others would not be premitted to ask, due to rank protocols.

“I wish to gain a better understanding of humanoids.” T’Sal explained. “I was interested in a change.”

"I am interested in learning more about Vulcans, so this is a win-win for us both." Paul said as he looked over to T'Sal.

“It would be suitable for us to learn from one another.” T’Sal said quietly. “I find that I cannot comprehend some of the human language.”

"You are not the only one." Paul said, trying to sound more humerous than factual. He hoped that she picked up on the idea, that he was teasing.

T’Sal thought about what he said, Not understanding at first. Then she realized what he had meant. “That is a joke.”

"It was." Paul said, with a big grin. She got it, maybe there was hope for her. And maybe they could be friends. He was not sure, if she found it humerous, or just tollerated it.

“I see the humor of it.” T’Sal replied. “That has not happened before.”

"Seeing Humor, or having someone like me telling you that even we do not understand all our customs and behaviors. We come from a diverse culture." Paul suggested to T'Sal.

“That is logical.” T’Sal replied. “It will take time to understand. Perhaps we can schedule a time to learn together.”

"Together?" Paul said, with a warm smile. That was unexpected. Not that he minded much. He was curious to see what she had in mind.

“I was inquiring if you would be interested in educating me on humanoid culture.” T’Sal replied quietly. “And I would do the same with Vulcan as well. If it is not suitable inform me.”

"I am not a teacher, or an expert. But if you want to sit around over a meal or for drinks. We could do that." Paul said, wondering if they were setting up a date, or a get to know you type of event. He was very confused by this move on her part. So far, she accepted all of his advances.

“That would be…” T’Sal thought for a moment. She did not want to say suitable as it seemed too common for him. She thought for a moment and used a human phrase. “I would like that.”

"Me too, just need to finalize the details." Paul said, with a warm grin on his face. She was very attractive, even by Vulcan or Human standards.

“We are in agreement then.” T’Sal replied. “I will wait to hear from you.”

"Oh," Paul said a little confused. Then he went on. "I thought we were going to discuss the details now, I suppose later works too."

“That is suitable.” T’Sal said quickly. “You just came on board I did not want to overwhelm you.”

"I like feeling useful and important, this accomplishes both." Paul said, as he looked to T'Sal hoping she understood his reference.

T’Sal was puzzled by his statement. “You are both useful and important. Food is an important substance and having a exceptional diet is important for morale.”

"I know this, was referring to helping others. Helping you is helping me. Does that make sense?" Paul asked, hoping she said yes.

T’Sal thought for a moment. “It is logical. I understand your point.”

"So you want to discuss this?" Paul asked, as the scene starts to fade away.

“Yes.” T’Sal replied. She listened as Paul began to speak. Her quest to understand humans more had begun.


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