USS Lexington

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Our new home

Posted on Thu Mar 11th, 2021 @ 12:16pm by Captain Steven Bond & Ella Bond
Edited on on Thu Mar 11th, 2021 @ 12:19pm

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Quarters
Timeline: MD001 1800 hrs
1027 words - 2.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Steven walked into his quarters. He noticed that Lucas and Ella where already in the room. They had started to unpack, without him. "Hey, I thought we were going to unpack together?" Steven asked, a little surprised they did not wait for him. He was not sure, why he was surprised.

This was a very Ella type of move. He honestly did not mind, but this was his time to spend with her. Getting a ship ready, to depart. Takes up a lot of your free time.

“We know how much you like this part of moving,” Ella said with a smile. “So we decided to get a head start.” Her eyes lit up. “Don’t be sad, there is plenty to do.”

"Not true, I hate moving, I like to unpack. Big difference sweetie. Nice try though on trying to twist around my words." He said, in a playful grin on his face. He walked over, and grabbed a suitcase. They had a few things to unpack.

“I couldn’t sit and look at it,” Ella said with a smile. “So I decided to get to work, I knew you wouldn’t be long.”

"Perhaps I should let you unpack the ship, and get her ready. While I work with Lucas to get the room in order." Steven said, in a teasing voice. He heard Lucas chuckle. “Would make my life a breeze.” Steven said in a teasing voice.

“No thank you,” Ella said with a laugh. “It would take you months to figure out where everything was.” She looked from him to Lucas. “I am excited about this new adventure.”

"Pitty, because that’s the one job I do not want to do. And it will take me months to get it all in order." Steven said, with a big grin on his face. He knew Ella had no interest in helping with that. She loved to design quarters, not operational needs of a starship.

“I am willing to help you,” Ella said with a smile. “I’d offer up Lucas but he has a new game system with new games he has been dying to try.”

"Nice." Steven said, with a big smile on his face. "How is coping with the fact, he will be spending the next five years on this ship?" Steven asked.

“He hasn’t said a lot,” Ella admitted. “He did say five years is forever!” She smiled. “But we went on a shopping spree and I got him the game system, new music.” She paused. “He did try and talk me into a cat, dog or even a snake but I stood firm.”

"Well from his perspective, it is. For us it will be even longer. Raising a teenager that is not happy, is going to be challenge. Let's hope he adapts soon. There will be other children aboard." Steven pointed out to her.

“He will make friends,” Ella said. “And he will have school, homework to do. At first I think he thought he’d be bored with all this time on his hands.” She grinned. “He forgot about school.”

"Ya doing school work will totally not make him think how much he will hate it hear." Steven said with a grin on his face. Shaking his head, that she suggested that as a positive perk. No kid wanted to do homework, ever!

“He pretty much told me that wasn’t making it easier,” Ella said with a smile. “If only we could teach education through his video games.”

"If we did that, they would accuse us of ruining video games." Steven pointed out to her. Deep down, she knew what he said, was true.

“I wasn’t really serious,” Ella admitted. “I want him to learn but to experience the fun things in life as well.” She smiled at Steven. “I’m excited about this new adventure.”

"I am happy to hear it, and I believe he will get that experience here on the Lexington." Steven said, with a big smile on his face. “The Lexington is a good ship, brand new. Several opportunities for him on the ship.” Steven pointed out.

“How has your first day gone,” Ella asked him. “I heard your parents were here.” She was sorry she had missed them but it had been her only chance to see her brother.

"Yes they were, they asked about you both." Steven said, with a smile on their face. "How was seeing your brother?" Steven asked, curious how her day went too. They had talked about his afternoon, it was only fair. They talk about hers.

“It went really well,” Ella replied. “He was heading out in an hour, I think he is tired of working on a freighter and is going to look for something else.” She smiled. “Lucas spent some time with his boys, eating pizza and ice cream.”

"So you're telling me we have this whole place to ourselves?" Steven asked, with the big grin on his face. Thinking to himself, it was nice to have to the whole place to themselves.

“We do,” Ella said with a smile. “Feels a little strange.”

"Felt strange to see your brother?" Steven asked, wondering what happened during that encounter. Clearly there was a story to tell. What happened he wondered, that was a little odd for her to say.

"No," Ella said with a smile. "You asked if we had the place to ourselves. I said it felt strange because I can't remember the last time we were by ourselves."

"Well we are right now." Steven said, as his eyes grew big. He loved the fact, they were alone in their quarters. Steven suggested, with big greedy and eyes filled with lust.

Ella looked at him and smiled. “I love our son but it is nice to have you to myself.” She walked closer to him and kissed him. “Don’t you think?”

Steven just grinned, as he kissed her back. The intensity of passion he felt, was incredible. After all these years, they still had it.

Ella was glad for this time that hey could have and make the most of.


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