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Lieutenant JG Thoni ch'Vrosia

Name Thoni ch'Vrosia

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft1
Weight 170
Hair Color White
Eye Color teal
Physical Description Tall individual, but very lean. Muscularly built and fit, but not one to bulk up. Short hair. Regulation but has a style to it. Turquoise eyes with skin in between bright and drb


Personality & Traits

General Overview Pretty chill individual who has a simple outlook on life. Don't mess with me, I won't mess with you. Loves to make friends, and will bust a gut to protect them.

Slightly sarcastic sense of humor

Practical guy, believes in "Work smart, not hard."
Ambitions Shras is simple, he just wants to make his parents proud
Hobbies & Interests keeping his phaser skills sharp
reading the odd book
apt to be running through the halls him his pt gear
dabbles in art

Personal History Born on the Adorian Colony of Kaza Prime to two members of the Imperial guard stationed there Thonis early was good on the whole. On the most part he hung out with the Andorian kids on the colony by day and being instructed in the use of his Ushaan-tor by night. It was clear that he was being groomed for a career in the military. And for a while that was Thonis goal until his 1oth birthday when he befrended a budding artist named Anya.

And he was smitten. So as a result he expressed his interest in attending the Andorian Academy to study art. Which didnt go over well with his staunch Guard parents. But that quickly changed in 2253 when a group of rogue Klingons attacked their colony, resulting in young Thori joining starfleet in 2253

He immediately began training in security as an enlisted crewman in security shortly after reaching the age of 20, being assigned to the Walker class USS Loeb as an armory guard

He served on the Loeb for 3 years up until the outbreak on hostilities in 2256. Shortly after the battle of the binary stars the Loeb as attacked by a Klingon cruiser. It didnt take long for the ship to get overwhelmed in a hurry. The bridge took a direct in the opening volley.

Shields went down long enough after that for a small party of Klingons to beam over before the surviving bridge crew to bring them back online. Thorin, now a petty officer led one of the security parties defending the ship. During the fighting the ACSTO of the ship fell early on, so Thorin had to take charge being senior non com present.

After the ship was secure and starfleet backup arrived the Loeb was towed back to the nearest starbase for repair.

From there the crew was sent to different duty as starfleet deemed that easier than refitting an aging ship, so Thorin was sent to OCS on reccomendation from the Loebs captain.

from there He underwent additional security training

He graduated in 2257 just as the war was ending, now the newly commissioned officer awaits assignment
Service Record USS Loeb

OCS and advanced training 2256-2257