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Mistaken Identity

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2021 @ 4:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Aaron Marcus & Lieutenant JG Andrew Heathrington
Edited on on Tue Feb 9th, 2021 @ 12:03am

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD001 1000 hrs
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Aaron had been aboard for about two hours and already he had enough. When he left the Ticonderoga he swore he would never return to starship service. He felt it was no place for a medical researcher. Aaron wanted nothing more than to be back at Starfleet Medical with his team, attempting to cure all of the diseases that no one had time to look into. However, it seemed that Medical had better plans for him. Well he will see exactly what he can do before he gets sent back. Keeping with that plan Aaron did not report in to the Captain although he knew the Captain was aboard. Rather he went to Sick Bay and settled into his office. Aaron's first order of business was to look over the medical staff assigned to the Lexington and start to assemble a team, in case his first mission failed.

Andrew walked into sickbay, the lighting bouncing off of the pearlescent silver walls and the red cladding along the edges of the walls. To say he'd been irritated when he found someone in what he thought was going to be his office was an understatement. Granted, he'd only been aboard himself for the last 10 hours, but that wasn't the point.

"Doctor Marcus?" Andrew called as he moved through the room, reaching the door to the office, watching as the red doors parted revealing the office inside "Doctor Marcus, I presume?"

Aaron heard the voice, but did not see who entered. He was too engrossed in looking over crew files. It was beyond important that he get his team assembled. He found a molecular biologist that looked promising, someone named Heatherington. "You presume correct. If you are here for a physical have a seat and I will get to you as soon as I am ready." Aaron replied without looking up.

"I'm not actually." Andrew said as he came into the man's view "I'm here for you to report in. Lieutenant Andrew Heatherington. You can call me Chief or Doctor if you wish. Now care to get out from behind my desk."

Aaron tossed the PADD on his desk as he looked up at the Lieutenant. The thought of how much can he do before he is shipped back to Starfleet Medical ran through his mind. Aaron took his cane that leaned on his chair and stood up. "Ah Chief, nice of you to come all this way but there is no need to report in to the Chief Medical Officer." A small smirk crawled across his lips.

"Funny." Andrew replied, crossing his arms "Starfleet regulations clearly state that any officer serving on a starship is to report to their supervising officer upon arrival. In the case of medical officers that would mean the Chief Medical Officer or me."

Aaron snapped his fingers. "Damn, I must have missed that course. I was too busy saving people's lives. But you know what you're right where would be without regulations. I guess I will just pack my bags and head back to Starfleet Medical." Aaron knew he was actually the Chief Medical Officer, but he thought he could ride this charade out to the end. He wanted off the ship, Aaron Marcus was no longer built for Starship life. If not correcting this Lieutenant would get him off the ship then so be it.

"Do we have a problem here, Doctor?" Andrew asked, cocking an eyebrow "I want us to have a good, professional working relationship. I don't expect us to be best buddies but I do expect you to show proper decorum for an Officer. Clear?"

Aaron regarded the Lieutenant for a moment. He simply stared at him as he evaluated who this man was, and what he was about. This only lasted for about a minute. "Crystal..." Was all Aaron said. He stood at a relative attention, as he leaned heavily on his cane.

"Good." Andrew smiled "So, you got everything you need here?"

"Yes sir, I have everything except sick people. Oh and you should be the one calling me sir. Perhaps you want to check your orders again before I continue." Aaron replied, he made sure to use the proper tone to not be too boastful. Even though his comment dripped of sarcasm. "If I may be so bold, when will you be reporting in?"

Andrew was flabbergasted, did he not get the promotion that was promised. As quickly as possible he checked with the ship's computer who the Chief Medical Officer was to be. When the response came that it was Aaron Marcus. Andrew's shoulders drooped. In a lower defeated tone he spoke. "I... I... I am sorry sir."

"Yes, Yes I get it a little disillusioned with the fleet now aren't we. Listen we can start over and perhaps get off on the right foot. Why don't you get me the one thing this Sick Bay is missing, sick people. A nice hole in this ship perhaps, that would actually give me patients, easily curable patients, but patients nonetheless. That would take me away from other more pressing matters. So perhaps waiting is the best course of action." Aaron replied dryly. He needed this Andrew if he was to assemble a team.

"We've got access to the medical lab of a Constitution Class Starship, by default one of the best shipboard laboratories in the fleet. I'm sure we can find some way to keep busy." Andrew replied as he wondered why a doctor would actually want people to be sick and injured.

"Absolutely and I plan to make full use of those labs. Especially if you can get me a Vulcan with Bendii Syndrome." Aaron replied. He had high hopes for that lab access. Not the least of which was that he hoped he would be able to cure the incurable starting with Bendii.

"Bendii syndrome?" Andrew questioned "Unfortunately, we don't have any Vulcans onboard to the best of my knowledge. However, your want to cure it intrigues me. Perhaps I can help, my expertise is molecular biology. Which would help with DNA and RNA analysis. However, I would remind you that the crew are not just puppets to satisfy our medical curiosity."

"Yes, and I would be forced to remind you that as a Doctor all living beings are my curiosity. I am a Diagnostician, which means everyone's health is my curiosity because at any given moment you could have your next infection." Aaron replied dryly.

"Why do I think we could do this all day?" Andrew cocked an eyebrow.

"Hey I am here serve on Starfleet's dime." Aaron replied. The jibe was meant to be sarcastic. However, he made sure to let the junior officer know that Aaron was in charge.

"Good to know." Andrew replied and internally rolled his eyes slightly "I'll leave you to it, sir. Just do me a favour? Let me know when the research starts."

"Yes sir!" Aaron replied with a mock salute and then turned to head back into his office. This was eaither going to be the best or the worst of assignments. The jury was still out.

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Lieutenant Commander Aaron Marcus
Chief Medical Officer
USS Lexington

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Heathrington
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USS Lexington


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