USS Lexington

Welcome to the USS Lexington!

Welcome to 2257 the USS Lexington is brand new and coming off the assembly line. The Lexington is part of the second wave of constitution class starships that were developed to help fight the war against the Klingon Empire. Sadly the ship was not ready for the time of war.

Her mission directive changed from helping aid in the war, to helping aid in the rebuild and recovery of the Federation. The costly war against the Empire, has left the Federation in a state of crisis.

The Lexington and her companion constitution class starships, represent a new hope for restored peace among the galaxy. The galaxy is on edge, as the Klingon Empire and the Federation begin a campaign of cold war antics between both nations.

There mandate is to prove to the galaxy, especially the Klingons that they have the ability to defend themselves, and help re establish the neutrality of the Federation Corps Worlds. Join Captain Bond, and his crew as they go to the Border of the Federation, and rebuild the bonds of friendships, with all the worlds that the Klingon's invaded or destroyed.

The USS Lexington is a proud member of Task Force 29 in Obsidian Fleet.

RPG Rating 2 2 1

Rated 2: Swearing is permitted, with some limitations.
Rated 2: Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.
Rated 1: Mild violence is permitted.

USS Lexington is a Star Trek role-playing SIM that is played using Nova, a role-playing system developed by Anodyne Productions. You must be 15 or older to join this SIM!

Latest Mission Posts

» Will you join?

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 9:49am by Ensign Hunter Mitchell & Ella Bond

Ella walked into what would be the classroom for students on the Lexington. She always felt a sense of excitement at starting in a new job. With the exception of Lucas, who didn’t really like having his mother for a teacher, there would be all new faces and students with…

» Meeting the Captain

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 10:02pm by Captain Steven Bond & Ensign Hunter Mitchell

"Good morning Mister Mitchell, please have a seat." Steven said, after Hunter completed his reporting for duty part. He wanted to get straight down to business. He had to meet more of the crew, and only gave himself 15 minutes for each officer.

“Good Morning, Captain,” Hunter said with a…

» Good Morning Number One, Part 1

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 9:55pm by Captain Steven Bond & Lieutenant Commander T'Sal

"Good morning Number One, how did you sleep last night?" Steven asked. He felt bad for what he said in his log, but that was the whole point. To work out his feelings, and grow as a person. He had a big smile on his face. He did not want…

» Lessons for Posterity

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Posted on Fri Feb 26th, 2021 @ 2:46am by Lieutenant JG Moriah Ama

The bustle within the Laënnec’s massive shuttle bay ensured that the muffled patter of boots against deck plating resonated into the transport shuttle’s cabin well after its pilot and one of the passengers had disembarked. It likely became white noise to the remaining occupants, however; even those fresh out of…

» My First Captain's Log

Mission: S1, E0: We need each other.
Posted on Tue Mar 30th, 2021 @ 11:48am by Captain Steven Bond

Captain's Log: The First Day

Steven walked over to his chair. His desk, was average size in his quarters. The constitution class ship offered their senior command staff private offices that where attached to their quarters. This was good, but also a distraction he thought.

Steven was proud of the…